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Bienvenido al blog de FINCA EL ZOPILOTE.

Me gustaria escribir este blog en más de un idioma, sino por conveniencia tengo que elegir uno, que es el Inglés siendo el mas ''interncional''.Sin embargo, para aquellos que no lo saben recomiendo utilizar un traductor como GOOGLE TRASLATE: pueden traducir todo el blog solo escribiendo la URL  y elijiendo el idioma.Gracias.

Welcome to the blog of FINCA EL ZOPILOTE.

I 'd love to write this blog in more than one language, but for convenience I have to choose one that will be English being the most''international''.However for those who do not know I recommend using a translator as GOOGLE TRASLATE: you can traslate the entire blog by typing the URL and choosing the language.Thank you.

Benvenuti al blog di FINCA EL ZOPILOTE.

Mi piacerebbe scrivere questo blog in più di una lingua ma per praticità devo sceglierla una sola che sarà l'inglese essendo la più ''internazionale''.Comunque per chi non lo conosce consiglio di usare un traduttore come GOOGLE TRASLATE: si può l'intero blog scrivendo la URL e scegliendo la lingua.Grazie.


I decided to write this blog to show and explain to all projects built and our ideas for the future.Is not a blog as a diary organized and the arguments have a label with a name so that everyone will choose what most interests them.I will try to use simple language and straightforward, easy to understand words.I am interested that ordinary people can study, copy (if desired) and improve our plans to live in future in a greener world.Happy reading!



ENGLISH (Espanol sigue mas abajo)

The Farm/Hostel El Zopilote is 300 metres uphill from the main road, but there is a Parking/Caravan area just near the main entrance in front  of the house of Carlos. He usually ask 1 dollar a day to take care of your car or motocycle and is trustable and safe. If you dont want to pay the dollar, you can leave on the main road, but maybe something get stolen.
More info write to :


La Finca/Hostal El Zopilote es 300 metros de la principal carretera pero hay una area de parqueo/camping muy cerca de la entrada principal en fruente de la casa de Carlos. El normalmente pide un dollar para cuidar el carro dia y noche y es una persona de confianza. Si no quieres pagar el dollar , puede dejar el carro o la moto al lado de la carretera principal pero es posible que algo desaparesca. Mas info, contactar



Hi, i am Cristiano from El Zopilote....sorry to answer to your email with a link....

I'd like to advise that here we usually give the opportunity to volunteer to 12 even 15 people, so there are plenty of possibilities.....More....we really need volunteers because is difficult to run the place without them....we are always looking for people wants to stay a couple of months with us....
At the same time is difficult to know when we need people and when there are too many, sorry, i hope you understand that organizing 10 people travelers from 10 different countries , is difficult.

On more thing: we prefer a lot to meet people in person speaking looking in the eyes , because we need trustable people to work here, and honestly by email is very difficult to understand who you are. At the same time to come here and check personally the place is a good opportunity to understand how we work, who we are, if you like the lace, if you like the food........

So, my suggestion is to come here personally with 2 months time to spend here (2 months is the minimum to stay here volunteering) and ask to the volunteer organizer which is Lorenzo for the next year.

Thanks to write, sorry for my english, is not my language, i hope you understand , and maybe see you around
bye bye, Cristiano.


We really don't like TRIP ADVISOR.


Please, Click here to see our TripAdvisor Listing.


1) We did not ask to be on the website....El Zopilote was already on the site with 4 reviews when we realized.

2) We cannot erase our farm / hostel from trip may sound strange, but it is impossible to erase your business from trip advisor unless you close the hotel.

3) Trip Advisor is a bilion dollar company ( Check Wikipedia by clicking here please ) with very good web designers; the majority of the time when you google a hotel the Trip Advisor reviews will appear even before the hotel's website.

4) As the owner of El Zopilote, I can respond to the reviews posted by my guests. One time I wrote something like this  ''......I don't like what you are saying and I don't like Trip Advisor......''  Trip Advisor did not publish my reply because I was speaking badly of them.....There are other big companies for example Apple that publish any comment, even '' ....I hate Apple because it is a bad and horrible company....''  TRIP ADVISOR only publishes what is convenient for its image.

5) After many years observing our reviews we have realized that the majority of the guests write them when they are angry with us....for example, right now we have around 50 reviews: the bad ones were written by guests who did not like El Zopilote, and make up around 10 of those.
The original good reviews written by our guests make up less than 10,
the rest are fake or almost fake, written by my brother, sister, mother, myself, friends etc etc etc because we had to fix our score and this seemed like the only option.....

6) The majority of our neighboring farms and hostels are also posting fake reviews to highten their score, another reason Trip Advisor is not a reliable website

7) There are companies like this one: offering fake good review and deleting the bad ones. Trip Advisor cannot be trusted.

8) Trip Avisor is free for the owners of hotels, but you can pay 350 usd a year and get some advantage like hiding bad review and get better score,another reason Trip Advisor is not a reliable website

9) There are some reviews written by very stupid people who come to our farm expecting a 5 star hotel and expecting to be waited on like royalty though they are paying less than 10 usd a day. Other people wrote about 'how a Permacolture farm should be,' after staying here a mere 3 days; these individuals couldn't tell their heads from their asses.  ......Follow a selection of the review written by some of these stupid people:
---PIXI360  TITLE: Uconfortable and Unfriendly
---ESTAFAFUERA TITLE: Misleading/disapointed
---RENOIRF TITLE: Underwhelmed 

Conclusion: I hope that our guests and people in general are not using Trip Advisor. In our reception there is a suggestion box that we always check for suggestions and tips....
For the trip advisor users, I suggest they write a review not only when they have problems with a hotel, but also when they like a place.....

For the people that really want to write a bad review, we answer with 2 words typical from Tuscany where we come from:  O' LECCAMELO/A


BuShop: our little farm-shop inside a school bus

To see all the photos of this project , please click here

PLASTIC BOTTLES to build a house

See all the photo of this of this project
For this project i would like to thank a unknown visitor who left in the farm some copies of a similar project done in Guatemala.
Using bottles to build a house? It is a strange idea but for us it was very useful, mainly because it allows the recycling of many bottles. The idea has been maturing over time: first of all in Ometepe there is an organization that teaches to the locals to put in ordinary concrete blocks, plastic bottles to recycle and to use less cement. Then came this informative book written in St. Marco in Guatemala that ex
plains how to put plastic bottles in the walls and cover them with cement. Then we knew the technique of ferro-cement to make the tank water. Then I wanted to build my house for my family and having very high walls had to find a lightweight material because Nicaragua is a place subject to earthquakes. And finally came my friend Michele who wanted a lot of plastic bottles to build a
chicken coop and we have prepared. An incredible number, several cubic meters of plastic, even more incredible when we think that none of the bottles was sold at our farm. Michele has changed his mind and remained there all the bottles. So we started the construction of the walls.

Only one wall is all plastic ( 1 ), while others begin with stone and after the first meters continue with bottles ( 2 ). Before you make a structure of iron with the irons in the direction of the width of the wall positioned in pairs at a distance of several centimeters, just for it to take a bottle ( 3 ). Along the length of the wall iron bars are put at about 50 cm away. After reinforce with smaller iron bars orizontally. After that binds the net of steel (the same that we used for the tank) on one side of the wall and also on the other so that the two networks create a room to put several plans bottles that are inserted between the two , empty and with cap( 4 5 ). Then binds metal wire in several places and put pressure plastic bags because the structure has less movement ( 6 7 8 ).

Once finished the preparation work is complete except for the cement that is then''pulled''on the net and smoothed with a spatula ( 9

). Finally is a mixture of cement, sand and plenty of lime to give the finishing and the color white ( 11 12 ).

The result seems good, the walls are strong, yet light, are very insulated because they contain air. We calculate that we have used about 3,000 bottles in a place where no one goes to pick up the garbage recycling is a great environmentally friendly.

Check all the photos of this project to understand better.PHOTO.